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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Freebie QP, New Blog Design, About Halley & a HUGE Thank You!!!

Just to give you guys a heads up, this is going to be a long post so I hope you're ready for it, lol!

I'll start off with the freebie. My fellow CT member Laura is offering a free QP on her blog. She made it with Phillsboo's newest kit, Grandma's Love. Click here or the preview to be taken to her blog to download it.

And just to let you know again, the kit is still on sale at Digital Arts Cafe. Here's the preview of the kit again. Silvia is also offering a free coordinating frame in her shop so snatch it while it's free.

There will also be more free QPs to follow. Each CT member will give away a QP made from the kit, one each day. Mine was released yesterday (see previous post), today was Laura's turn, tomorrow is Nydia's, Thursday is Mariana's, Friday is Michelle's and Saturday is Vanessa's. I will try to post them here on my blog as they become available so be sure to check back.

Did you notice my new blog design? I was tired of looking at my plain, simple blog. It seemed as if it had no personality. So I wanted to bring a little of myself to the blog and my readers. I made the background and the header from Phillsboo's Smells Like Fall kit. Since it's the fall season, I wanted to bring an autumn feel to the blog but still integrating my style. I think the color scheme turned out perfect. I hope you feel the same. Let me know what you think. ;D

Now...about Halley. Well you know that I was rushing to get things done yesterday because I had an appointment later in the evening. The appointment was for an audition with a talent agency to see if they would consider representing my daughter Halley in modeling. As you can tell, my daughter loves the camera and she has been telling me that she wanted to be a model for the longest time. I haven't really pursued it for her because I had always been really busy with work and I always told myself that I wouldn't make a career out of my children's career.

Now that I am no longer working, things have changed. I now have all the time in the world to help my daughter make her dreams come true. So we went to the audition last night and it didn't turn out so well. There were 30 people. between the ages of 4 to 20. My daughter was one of the youngest people there. She totally had cold feet and almost blew the audition. She didn't want to walk the runway and when she did, she slouched and started giggling. During the commercial take, she was speaking so low that they couldn't hear her. But I guess her looks made enough of an impression that she actually got a callback. She was one of 10 out of 30 people who got the callback. I guess they felt that she has the potential and they can work with her on her confidence in front of an audience and a camera.

The callback was initially scheduled for today. They wanted to interview both parents so Michael was actually going to go with me. But they called me earlier and asked that we reschedule for Thursday, which was perfect for Michael because he wanted to watch the Lakers season game opener that is on tonight. So I'll have more information for you on Friday. Wish us luck!

And finally, last but certainly not least, a HUGE Thank You to everyone who left me a comment on my Grandma's Love QP. THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH!!! It gives me tremendous motivation to keep creating for all of you. As of right now, 226 download! I am in awe and very flattered that you guys like the QP that much. A special shout-out to amh for the very sweet comment you left.

Well, I think the post is already too long and I'm sure you're anxious to visit Laura's blog to download her freebie QP and to Phillsboo's store to buy her Grandma's Love kit. :) TTYL!

Hugs and Kisses, Leah <3

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A Special Thanks...

... to Barbara aka Kayleks Designs for designing my blog. She did an amazing job! **Big hugs & kisses** **muah, muah**

She used her kit, Love Birds, which you can find in her store at Plain Digital Wrapper. If you would like more info on her services, please check out her blog and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page. She creates awesome blog designs, banners, blinkies, etc.

Hugs & Kisses,

Leah ;D